Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast:10:30am Saturday April 08, 2017 clear and transparent for Saturday afternoon and evening

Sat Apr 8

Outreach session Sesquicentennial
Decision: GO
Sunset 7:50pm, Twilight 9:23pm full moon

Sat Apr 15

Decision: TBA
Sunset 7:55pm, Twilight 9:23pm moon rise 11:58pm

Sat Apr 22

Primary OS MAC-Hunter Cookout RSVP
Decision: TBA
Sunset 8:01pm, Twilight 9:31pm moon rise 5:01am

Sat Apr 29

Alternate OS MAC-Hunter Cookout rain date
Decision: TBA
Sunset 8:06pm, Twilight 9:38pm moon set 12:49pm


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