Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast:2:15pm Saturday October 21, 2017 Dry Saturday afternoon and evening. Light winds and poor transparency will reduce the formation of dew. Expecting some increasing in clouds and reduced transparency this evening.

Sat Oct 21

Alternate OS MAC-Hunter Cookout RSVP
Decision: GO
Sunset 6:42pm, Twilight 8:06pm moon set 8:14pm

Sat Oct 25

Outreach session TBD
Decision: TBA
Sunset 6:35pm, Twilight 7:59pm moon set 1:44am

Sat Nov 11

Primary OS MAC-Johnson Primary
Decision: TBD
Sunset 5:22pm, Twilight 6:48pm moon rise 1:09am

Sat Nov 18

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBA
Sunset 5:18pm, Twilight 6:45pm new moon

Sat Nov 25

Outreach session TBD
Decision: TBA
Sunset 5:16pm, Twilight 6:43pm moon set 11:29pm

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