Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast: Thursday January 19, 2023 A frontal passage will bring clearing skies late on Thur Jan 19. A possible scatter and thin cirrus window from 12pm to dawn on the 20'th. Friday evening to Saturday morning Cirrus is expected to be over most of SC with some the clear zone in NC. Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon high pressure may bring clear skies.

C/2022 E3

Viewing Comet C/2022 E3 will require a dark site and binoculars.

Thur Jan 19 possible clear night
10:29pm Rise
12:09pm 10 deg alt Mag 7.2
6:00am 63 deg alt Mag 6.6

Fri Jan 20 Cirrus over SC
9:56pm Rise
11:50pm 10 deg alt Mag 7.1
6:00am 63 deg alt Mag 6.48

Sat Jan 21

Alternate OS Site MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBA Poor weather expected
Sunset 6:43pm Twilight 8:10pm new Moon

Mon Jan 23 Clearing late afternoon until Tusday afternoon.
7:28pm Circompolar 3 deg alt due north Mag 7.9
10:18pm 10 deg alt Mag 6.78
6:00am 60 deg alt Mag 6.15

Tue Jan 31 1:00 am

Mars moon conjuction Site none
Mars will pass less then 3 arc minutes from the moon.
Closest approch will be around 12:53am
30 degrees above the western horizon

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