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Weather forecast: 11:00pm Thursday January 17, 2019 Mostly cloudy for the until Saturday with rain starting early evening.Scatter rain on Sunday with falling tempertures. Expecting partly clear for eclipse with a chance of light dampness with tempertures near freezing.

Sun Jan 20

Total lunar eclipse
timing for central SC
Sunset 5:42pm
Twilight 7:09pm
Moon enters penumbra: 9:34pm
Moon enters umbra: 10:32 pm
Start of totality: 11:39pm
Maximum eclipse: 12:11am
End of totality: 12:42am
Moon leaves umbra: 01:50am
Moon leaves penumbra: 02:48am

Sat Jan 26

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 5:48pm, Twilight 7:15pm moon rise 12:10pm

Sat Feb 2

Decision: TBD
Sunset 5:55pm, Twilight 7:21pm new moon

Sat Feb 9

Planets 4 People OS TBD
Decision TBD
Sunset 6:02pm, Twilight 7:26pm moon set 10:27pm

Sat Feb 23

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:15pm, Twilight 8:38pm moon rise 10:59pm

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