Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast: 11:00am Thursday April 24, 2014 Some clouds Thursday evening and Friday morning. A chance of Friday afternoon scatter T-Storms ending after sunset. Saturday looks to be mostly clear with tempertures of low 80's in the afternoon to low 60's.

Sat Apr 25

Private Outreach Hopkins
Decision: TBA
Sunset 8:03pm, Twilight 9:33pm, 4:55am Moonrise

Sat Apr 26

Spring Cookout MAC-Hunter RSVP
Decision: TBD Good weather expected
Solar starting late afternoon
Sunset 8:04pm, Twilight 9:35pm, New Moon

Cookout RSVP List
NameRSVPSide Dish
Alex M. 1 Cream cheese pound cake
James W. 1 Oatmeal raison and peanut butter cookies
Doyle W. 1
Mike M. 2 Coleslaw and dessert
Hap G. 11
Dennis G. (Doug) 4 Mac & Cheese
Dan O. 2
Sam D. 4 Potato salad and dessert
Sumter Digital Camera Club (Hap) 9
Doug L. 1
Brad R. (Doug) 2
Cadby B. (Hap) 3
Bill H. (Hap) 2 Black bean salad
Greg G. 2
Charles G. 5
John H. 1 Broccoli casserole
Jim J. 1
Surekha D. 3 Brownies
Tommy H. 3
Joe R. 1
Total 59 as of 4/24

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