Spring 07 Animation Winner

Mercury, Mars & Jupiter

Elizabeth's Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter
© Elizabeth W.

date: 10 December 2006, 06:03-6:08am
location: Alexandria, VA (balcony)
film: CMOS chip ISO 400 equivalent, f/5.6
exposure: 23 frames (12@6sec, 11@5sec) every 15 sec
camera setup: Canon EOS 20Da, 135mm (28-135mm lens)
telescope setup:

comments: These are the raw images, converted to jpeg, autocontrast applied, then resized. No other sharpening, removal of dust spots, color corrections were done.
Note the stars towards the top rising. Also, lots less traffic on a Sunday morning. And who says planets don't twinkle? As the three rise, they clearly get bright and dim (especially Mars which seems to disappear at times) because of the poor seeing in the larger air column through which we are seeing them.