Fall 07 Guided (proj) Winner

Moon with Weather Balloon

moon with weather balloon
© Elizabeth W.

date: 2 Sep 2007
location: Alexandria, VA
film: digital (ISO 400)
exposure: 1/2000s
camera setup: Canon 20Da
telescope setup: Astro-Physics 152mm f/9

comments: unsharpmask, adjust brightness/contrast

After taking several pictures of the moon in the morning, I glanced up and noticed a "star" right next to the moon. Although my first thought was 'Venus' or 'Jupiter', I knew that those two were not nearby. And there just aren't any stars that bright. But then I thought "oh, weather balloon" so I shifted the fov of the scope a hair and sure enough, weather balloon! It was pretty neat watching it float seemingly around the moon. Fortunately/unfortunately, it never passed in front of the moon from my perspective.