Next Meeting

July 7

Meeting Location:
8pm at the SC State Museum

GS: Liz Klimek, Matthew Whitehouse
Night at the Museum

(Tour of SC State Museum's Planetarium, Observatory & Antique Telescope Gallery)

Upcoming Observing

2 July: Primary OS

9 July: Public Outreach: 6p-10p, Hunter-Gatherer (900 S. Main St, Columbia)

30 July: Alternate OS




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For over 40 years, Midlands Astronomy Club, Inc. (MAC) has existed to further the general knowledge of Astronomy in the South Carolina area. This continuing goal is shared by our members, representing many walks of life. Our members have a great range of expertise, from beginner to advanced, with a few professionals. You could say that we are definitely a group of enthusiastic amateurs. No matter what degree of experience in Astronomy you have, I know that the members will welcome you and be glad to share their knowledge.

Our bylaws detail the goals of MAC, but simply stated, they are to educate persons interested in Astronomy. The forum for this education is fostered by the atmosphere of fellowship provided at monthly MAC meetings and observing sessions.

Feel free to call on any board member with ideas, suggestions, or questions. We will try to provide answers to all of your astronomical questions and will make the effort to implement ideas or suggestions.

The Midlands Astronomy Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Clear skies!

Alex Mowery

President, MAC, Inc.


The MAC monthly meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at the ETV Telecommunications Center, 1101 George Rogers Boulevard. Observing sessions are usually scheduled with a primary and secondary observing night.

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